40 Day SADHANA [Deluxe Edition]

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40 Day SADHANA [Deluxe Edition]

Meditative Mind
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Meditative Mind's 40 Day SADHANA is an opportunity for us to come together and dedicate ourselves to practice meditation for 40 Days. For 40 Days, everyday a new Mantra will be recited for 40 times. Everyday, we will take a new Pauri (Mantra) from Japji Sahib and meditate upon it. We will understand what that Mantra means, and chant it 40 times, so that it establishes a new habit in our conscious and subconscious minds, based on the effect of the mantra. 

Some of reasons to practice 40 DAY SADHANA

✓ Developing a daily mantra practice routine, calms our mind and brings the stress down. The vibrations of these ancient mantras are known to bring positive vibes in and around us. Even if we do not know their meaning.

✓ Every time we spend meditating with these mantras, our understanding about ourselves, our life and experiences become deeper. We become more connected with our true self. 

✓ If you practice consistently every day for 40 days, you will create the opportunity to implement any change you want in your habits, your relationships, and even the way you see yourself.

✓ Throughout Centuries, Yogis and Sadhus have used 40 day meditation practice to bring self-discipline in their lives. They would practice it for 40 continuous days in order to receive its full benefits meditation.

✓ It brings a structure to our lives. Many a times our lives feel out of balance, because we are either too much into one thing or we are so overwhelmed by the day to day tasks and projects. 40 Day Sadhana makes it possible for us to break that and learn to extract time for ourselves. for our peace of mind

Deluxe Edition features

✓ Hi-Res MP3 files for each day's meditation.

✓ Wallpapers for Desktop & Mobiles with mantra and its meaning.

✓ Free Updates included !

40 DAY SADHANA Overview

DAY1 : Mool Mantra - Ik Onkar

DAY2 : Mantra for Knowing God - Sochai Soch Na Hovai

DAY3 : Mantra for Patience - Hukmi Hovan

DAY4 : Mantra for Self Confidence - Gavai Ko Taan

DAY5 : Mantra for Inner Prosperity - Sacha Sahib Sach Naye

DAY6 : Mantra for Happiness & Overcoming Failure - Thapeya Na Jaaye

DAY7: Mantra for Limitlessness - Tirath Naavaa

DAY8 : Mantra to Overcome Greed - Je Jug Chare

DAY9 : Mantra for Wisdom - Suniai Sidh Pir Sur Nath

DAY10 : Mantra for Eternal Bliss - Suṇiai īsar

DAY11 : Mantra for Grace - Suniai Sat

DAY12 : Mantra for Virtue - Suniai Sara

DAY13 : Mantra for Self-Respect - Manne Ki Gat

DAY14 : Mantra for Surrender - Mannai Surat

DAY15 : Mantra for Finding Path - Mannai Maarag

DAY16 : Mantra for Kundalini Awakening - Mannai Paavahi

DAY17 : Mantra for the Universe - Panch Parvaan

DAY18 : Mantra for Freedom - Asankh Jap

DAY19 : Mantra for Sanity - Asankh Murakh

DAY20 : Mantra for Knowledge - Asankh Nav

DAY21 : Mantra for Navigating Danger - Bhariai Hath

DAY22 : Mantra for Status - Tirath Tap

DAY23 : Mantra for Victory - Patala Pataal

DAY24 : Mantra for Elevation - Saalaahi Saalaah

DAY25 : Mantra for Family Happiness - Ant Na Sifti

DAY26 : Mantra for Prosperity - Bahuta Karam

DAY27 : Mantra for Success - Amul Gun

DAY28 : Mantra for Moving Forward - So Dar Kehā

DAY29 : Mantra for Humility - Aades Tisay Aades(I)

DAY30 : Mantra for Protection - Aades Tisay Aades(II)

DAY31 : Mantra for Peace - Aades Tisay Aades(iii)

DAY32 : Mantra for Connecting to Higher Self - Aades Tisay Aades(iv)

DAY33 : Mantra for Completing your Karma - Ik Doo Jeebhou

DAY34 : Mantra for Destroying Ego - Aakhan Jor

DAY35 : Beginning the Journey Home (Step 1) - Raatee Rutee

DAY36 : Beginning the Journey Home (Step 2) - Dharam Khand

DAY37 : Mantra for True Knowledge - Gi-aan Khand

DAY38 : Mantra of Fulfilment - Karam Khand

DAY39 : Mantra for Self Control - Jat Paahaaraa

DAY40 : Mantra for Ultimate Bliss - Pavan Guru Paani Pita

Upcoming Updates

- ebook with deeper in-depth meaning of each mantra

- all mantras for 40 Day Sadhana in one track.

- different timing versions of each mantra. 

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